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Continuing the series that began ineach Wednesday MGoBlue. These are our Scholar-Athlete Stories, presented by Absopure.

Um seeking love

Growing up in Toronto, University of Michigan women's tennis player Anca Craciun is no stranger to international travel. Craciun and her family immigrated to Canada from Romania when she was only 3 years old. Living the first 11 years of her life as an only child, Craciun recalls how supportive her family was of her dedication to both tennis and her studies.

They gave me space to be independent, so I got to travel a lot at an early age.

Um seeking love

I went to Europe for the first time with my tennis team Um seeking love I was 11 or Um seeking love Despite all the traveling she had done for so many years, Craciun recognized what a big step attending college in a different country would be.

As a traveler, she had always been accompanied by coaches and teammates. Attending the University of Michigan by herself was no easy feat, Um seeking love as the sole student from her high school who came to the U. It was a way to get a great education while also playing the sport I love.

Cracuin says that from an early age, a professional career in tennis was always her goal. She saw Michigan as a steppingstone to achieving it. While dominating the singles court last seasonher academic excellence earned a spot on the Academic All-Big Ten team. It was the Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis class and the rigor associated with the major that solidified her interest in the field. Never one to back down from a challenge, Craciun officially declared her major at the end of her sophomore year and started actively seeking summer internship opportunities.

Through this job, she was able to meet people from many different fields and see how interdisciplinary this type of work can be. Now that her goals have shifted away from a professional tennis career, Craciun has given a lot more thought as to how she wants to utilize her future bachelor's degree. With a statistics degree, I've heard that it's very versatile and can be applied to a lot of different areas. Like most juniors in college, she's still figuring out her post-graduation plans. Attending graduate school seems like the strongest option, as Craciun intends on utilizing her extra year of eligibility.

I've had a little bit of experience in the insurance industry, and I've loved it so far. I think pursuing a career in that would be very interesting. With a master's, hopefully, it'll set me up even better to have a lot more options. I think I've applied that to anything in life. In terms of tennis, you've got to be able to scope out your opponents and realize some things that aren't their strength that you can pick on.

Last March, the U-M women's tennis team had already arrived at their hotel in Pennsylvania for a match against Penn State when the news broke that their season was canceled due to the COVID pandemic. With nationwide shutdowns and little access to tennis courts and gyms, getting in practice and workouts were not very feasible.

Weeks passed before Canada began opening outdoor activities at controllable capacities. It was then Craciun found herself getting enough reps in to at least keep her body in shape for whenever she would be able to get into a normal, collegiate practice schedule. For the next couple of months, nothing about college was normal. The new virtual-learning environment provided an additional challenge to tackle, especially for the student-athlete who lives by a structured schedule.

The athletic department did a great job and did the best that they could to support us during that time. Now that we're back, they're still doing the best they can with testing and making sure the facilities are taken care of.

So, it's been tough, but we've been fortunate in the way things have been handled. One year later, Craciun has been able to appreciate some of the changes this new lifestyle has brought. Asynchronous classes have allowed for more flexibility in terms of practice. She can watch recorded lectures now and go in early for practice, instead of having to physically be in class at a scheduled time. As if college is not challenging enough, being an international student comes with its own unique obstacles.

Through different clubs on campus, Craciun was able to meet with other international students on holidays when they could not be with their families. That was really cool to me --that they accepted everyone and made a community away from home," she said. It was so inspirational. Michigan has given Craciun much more than just the academic and athletic opportunities she came here seeking. I had heard all the positive things, but I never thought it was even more true than it seemed, especially in terms of the support student-athletes get and the opportunities to meet such incredible people -- both athletes and non-athletes.

Um seeking love

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Um seeking love

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