Royal doulton dating backstamp

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The Royal Doulton company first began in London during and has since become a global brand that produces some of the most well known and loved porcelain, dinnerware and collectable pieces. Throughout the ages there have been a variety of different stamps used to mark authentic Royal Doulton ornaments and tableware. In saying this, almost all Royal Doulton items will have either a back stamp or marking that can be found on the bottom of the item beneath the final glaze. Their speciality at this time was salt glazed stoneware.

The company had increased in popularity and to meet this demand the two men moved the company to a larger factory. In when John Doulton passed away his son, Henry took complete control of the company. Bythe Doulton company had risen drastically in popularity and was now becoming well known to the British Royal Family. The majority of the ornaments and dinnerware are now made in Indonesia.

Due to the shift in quality of the Royal Doulton company, older pieces can often be worth a small fortune. Later backstamps from have definite logos and wording which can be found below. During this period a of simple stamps were impressed into Royal Doulton works of art. Towards the end of this period the impressed words were bordered by an oval shape which slowly turned into the rounded shape in the backstamps to follow. A royal crown was added above the initial logo to mark the meeting between the company and the Prince of Wales.

The logo with the royal crown was used especially on bone china and expensive earth wares. Both of these logos were Royal doulton dating backstamp until During this time Royal doulton dating backstamp, the recognisable Doulton logo was introduced.

This logo consisted of the lion, crown and roundel. All three of these symbols are often associated with the company. In this 5 year period, a backstamp was used that is similar to the stamp although is missing the crown. It is thought this stamp was introduced as it was smaller in height and could fit the wares that were being produced during that period.

This mark was not widely used. The marking that appeared on pieces until was used again. This marking included the lion, crown and roundel. A year of production was also included in this new stamp. To find the year of production, you would need to add to the that appears next to the backstamp.

The date s were included until The exact date when this new backstamp was introduced cannot be confirmed although it is believed it first appeared between and This backstamp is a modernised version of the stamps used by the company. Special marking and backstamps can be found on specific collections produced by the Royal Doulton Company.

Special Royal Doulton series ware marks are present on a of collections.

Royal doulton dating backstamp

These are deed specifically for that collection and the logo represents that directly. A range deed for young children features its own unique mark. If you are lucky, your Royal Doulton piece may have an impressed date next to the trademark stamp. These impressed dates can come in the form of year, month and year and day, month and year. Sometimes these impressed dates are hard to see so insure you inspect your Royal Doulton item with a fine tooth-comb.

Code s were printed on the base of Royal Doulton produced between until These s appear next to the right of Royal doulton dating backstamp crown. The rule of thumb with these s is to add Until roman numerals were used to display this and from until Arabic numerals were used. Some Royal Doulton items have a latte impressed in their base. These s were when the mould was created not the particular piece. Although not an exact date, a round about date can be worked out from this year considering most moulds would deteriorate quickly.

The copyright date of a Royal Doulton piece is not the best indication of age. A piece that has a copyright date of can be produced until There have been hundred of artists that have worked for Royal Doulton over its lifespan. Each artist has a unique ature that usually represents their initials. Hi there!

Is that a that it is fake? I look online and it looks exactly the same that the ones with the marks. Can you help me with this? It just happens to be a figure made by Royal Doulton that was missed in the labelling process. I have a set of 5 small cups with saucers and I have looked everywhere for the pattern and cannot find it they have a star printed under the royal doulton marking and a GR entwined on cup and saucer can anyone help? The GR is probably the painter. I have those initials on the bottom of a Royal Doulton figurine.

Hi I have a jardinere.

Royal doulton dating backstamp

I cant find anything like it anywhere on anything remotely RD. Any ideas? It may be a piece of Doulton Lambeth stoneware.

Royal doulton dating backstamp

Mark V Marshall ed his pieces with his initials. He was a very well regarded artist. Lambeth ware sometimes has a model etched in its base but usually does not. HN s were only used at their Burslem factory.

Royal doulton dating backstamp

Mark, I have looked into this and I have not found anything about a red x on toby jugs. I also looked at images from different time periods and found none with a x mark.

Royal doulton dating backstamp

Thank you for any help to identify the year, etc. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Comments Paula says:. Tom Power says:. Emka says:. Andrews says:. Yvette says:. Philip Nahrgang says:. Christine Thornton says:. Hi I have an Images Story of Christmas set and each one has a top hat on the base, why is that? Alice says:. Rich says:. Mark Kelleher says:. What does a red X on the bottom of a Toby Mug indicate?

Ivy says:. Sharon Heyne says:. Sharon this figurine was issued between — Popular Posts M. Best Auction Houses in the United States.

Royal doulton dating backstamp

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