Make me your Mrs

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Sam is dating coach, life coach, and style expert. His expertise has been featured on Lifehack. He lives with his Australian Shepard, Max, in beaut Read Full Bio. More about Mantelligence 's Editorial Policy. Historically masculine resistance to talking about feelings was never satisfying for you, the speaker, nor the listener.

We're here to coach you specifically on articulate things you say to your girlfriend so we can redefine what positive masculinity means for generations to come. You'll also get some info on how to talk to girls in general. Simply saying "You're beautiful. She wants to know that you know the difference between a beautiful face and a beautiful soul. We're going to train you up on how to offer women deep, everlasting, heartfelt compliments. When you feel like your heart is bursting with love and you're just not sure how to say it to her, turn to our handy list here.

Sometimes you just have to to be sweet as can be with these tender, sweet things to say to your girlfriend. Such is the law of attraction : We magnetize our dreams when we have finally completed the work to be Make me your Mrs. We ultimately find that vulnerability and empowerment eventually merge together as do all paradoxes. We all long for home. Home is not a place. It's a person. You'll love our recommendations for romantic things to say to your girlfriend. You are aware that it takes pain and facing of fears to get to the place of ecstatic love that we all long for.

You're seeing her with more than your 2 physical eyes.

Make me your Mrs

You're using your intuitive eye, your heart, mind and soul. You are saying that you understand the nature of paradoxes : In our imperfections, we are perfect. We all want to hear we're the "only" one. Promises for the future create a feeling of safety in the present. You understand the nature of soul mates from the beginning of time.

All of life's dramas don't matter when you're together. Being in love offers you the highest perspective possible. Cute things to say to your girlfriend are all about the tenderness toward one another that love inevitably creates. We are teleported away from our daily grinds into something much more natural and authentically human. It's taking something huge and something small wrapping them up nicely for depth and humor together.

Make me your Mrs

You are letting her know that you know that you won't run away when things get difficult. You embrace the challenges. When your relationship simply feels warm, fuzzy, cozy, and nice, you'll benefit from some nice things to say to your girlfriend to let her know how much you cherish these moments.

That's love. Joy and simplicity of emotion everyday, no matter how you're challenged to be more honest and authentic with Make me your Mrs other. This may precede, or simply be a marriage proposal. Cheesy play on words for the win!

You say one thing, and reveal what you really mean later on. Love is a difficult journey and you are acknowledging that you're learning how to expand and accommodate along the way. Picking the right things to say to your girlfriend moment by moment can appear simple on the surface.

However, the entirety of how you communicate with your girlfriend on matters of the heart is far more complicated. The idea that the thought gets old when used to often is a big, mindless myth said by people who don't understand that love is evolving. It only feels like it gets old when it stops being true: When two individuals stop exploring the infinite ways to grow together, and the millions of facets of what exploring a commitment to love one another really means. All these different versions of "I love you" are meant to inspire evolution, growth, and exploration: finding something fresh, exciting, and new to love about the same woman day in and day out.

If you feel like you're saying them without feeling them to reassure her or yourself, consider what that means about how your relationship is going. Don't be afraid when things don't feel comfortable like they did in the beginning. Willingness to be present for that discomfort together and talk through it is what makes you a strong man, her a strong woman, and together, you both a strong couple.

This is always the most challenging part of love's evolution: balancing the yearning for more with the fear that the two of you are not on the same about "where this is going. Healing oneself can often be mistaken for love.

Make me your Mrs

And often it's a subconscious reaction. That's where " taking it slowly comes into play.

Make me your Mrs

The best things to say do not end here. Did you know we've got more where all that came from? We have an extensive collection of lists to inspire you to be the best man you can be. Things to say to your girlfriend are more than just ways to assure her of your love for her. They are ways to let her know that you understand what loving her really means. The things to say assure her that you're aware of the challenges that come with surrendering to where your heart and soul take you.

Putting your feelings into words with vulnerability, strength, and soul fluency on a daily basis will also expand your own understanding of what loving another actually means. Share 4. The Best. Sweet Things. Romantic Things. Cute Things. Nice Things. How to Pick. Next 83 Best Grills - The ultimate buying guide to find the best in the market.

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Make me your Mrs

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