Looking for woman late 30s Crosbyton 40s

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Looking for woman late 30s Crosbyton 40s

Looking for woman late 30s Crosbyton 40s a full description of this newspaper. The following text was automatically extracted from the image on this using optical character recognition software:. J [trends Hi. Trends doesn't know P. The practice should, Vthe risk of being bore- ye want to discuss anoth-0f good will propoganda for Lubbock,; but we can it nothing but detriment smaller towns of the a- here are now operating in two "thrift StamplL Merchants buy these.

But now thebranching out into r towns, with a mer- operates in Ralls and ing added to the list It seems to us that a ant who gives these l is INVITING" his custo- to go to Lubbock to do shopping, because they go'there to get their pre- We are quite happy that ibyton merchant has so ed up for them. Crosby county. We enjoy - visit last week-end with [Temple Ellis, pioneer Cros- nty settler, who informs she and Mrs. Nellie Witt have already started the of J two ladies, who now live bbock, will make close to volume, but Mrs.

She to take good care of it. Scouts received their ten- derfoot badges at an investiture service held Tuesday night in the school gymnasium. Brown, Girl Scout leader, before a large audience of parents and friends. She was assisted by Mrs. L, Barr and Mrs. Also to receive emblems to de- ate their positions were: Leaders: Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Barr and Mrs. Bill Nickson, chairman, Mrs. Kimbroiigh, Mrs. Hubert Curry, Mr. Fred Cunningham, Mr.

Brown and Mr. Hubert Curry. Ethridge,E. And the tone of the poem be- I Melvin doesn't particularly for a sailor's, life; Ion the Western coast, [Diego is the spot, - we fight the wind and land that God forgot. Griffin, Mrs, W. Hill, Mrs. Barring- ton 'and Mrs. The BroWnie troop committee is com- posed'fif Mrs. Lodal, chair- man, Mrs. Charles Freeman, Mrs. Bernice Phifer, Mrs. Sam Davis and Mrs. Refreshments were served to the group following the investi- ture service. Thisyear's registration fig- ures show there are passen- ger cars in the county, compared with at the same date in There are farm trucks and commercial trucks.

The mem bers. Other mem- bers will probably attend, Mr Liebfried said. Several important business matters will be discussed, and new district officers will be cho sen, he said. The was the heaviest fail at time here in several months. The rain was accompanied "by heavy but rather fine hail which some observers believe damag- ed the wheat crop. Wheat that was already ted could have been damaged by this hail. The hail knocked foilage from newly leafed shrubs and trees, and also damaged the fruit crop by knocking off the blooms. Reports from over the county were incomplete this morning, but the rain seemed to be gen- eral.

The rain went as far north as Floydada, which reported a good shower. He will also attempt to answer amy—questions concern- ing cotton that any person de- sires to ask.

Looking for woman late 30s Crosbyton 40s

Every persqn interesTeel in the cotton industry has a special in- vitation to attend, R. Farris, jr. E- R- Neagle t smi. Chairman, stated Wednesday. The'jdrive has been- declared officially completed, he said? Form Organization All persons who contributed to the Crosbyton Livestock barn built two years ago are urged to attend a meeting' at the high -school auditorium Tuesday, A- pril 10, at p.

Hoov- er, vocational agriculture teach- er, announced this week. The guests are to meet and register in the Home Economics lounge at 12 noon and go soon after to the lunch- eon. A business session will fol- low at one o'clock in the lounge. Also, the superintendents of the five schools have been asked to at- tend especially the business meeting, as problems facing the schools and communities with the advent of seasonal laborers, will be discussed. Plans will be -discussed for several health pro- jects for the county; Anyone in the Crosbyton area who is interested in attending can contact Mrs.

Lodal, lo- cal president, for reservations, or come at one o'clock, for the" meeting. Nichols, publisher of ress newspaper, will pre- sent, the charter to the local Methodist Men's group.

Looking for woman late 30s Crosbyton 40s

All members of the organiza- tion and other who are interest- ed are invited to attend. Carl Grissom. Cobb of Lockney has been secured to do the preach- ing at two services daily, at 10 o'clock in the morning and" o'clock in the evening.

Cobb has the- reputation of a forcefulr sincere evangelist, and will deli- ver messages that will be an in- spiration to all who hear him, the pastor said. Arlois Coward of Lubbock; former Crosbyton man- and the son of Mr. Cow- ard of this city, willlead the song services. The first figure indicates the month, then the date, and the final figure the year.

Services Held For A. Cody, 59 Funeral services for Arthur James Cody, Sunday afternoon at Pansy Baptist church, with Rev. Harmonson, pastor, officiating. Cody, a resident of Crosby county for about one year,-died at Crosbyton Clinic hospital Sat- urday, after suffering a heart attack two days before. He was born in Arkansas Dec. Co- dy, jr. May Fair and Miss Gertha Cody of.

Looking for woman late 30s Crosbyton 40s

McAdoo; Mrs. Neoma Douglas of Texarkaha, and Mrs. Bernice White of Lufkin, and 18 grandchildren! Otis Pierce, hg,s announced. Will Duke of Amarillo will do the preaching. Everyone is invited to at- tend. Kimbrough reports. Herring, jr. Her- ring, 2 head belonging to T. Herring, sr. Herring, jr. Kimbrough is the assistant supervisor. Approximately head of dairy cattle—will be shown this year.

Three of his cows represent three generations of one boyine family, the mother, daughter and. Such an exhibit is said to be ve- ry rare, at a cattle show. More than usual interest has developed in the school trustee election "topbe hejd here Satur- day, ApriPX Two board mem- bers for the Crosbyton Indepen- dent School district, are to be chosen from a field of six can- didates. The list of candidates includes Sam Covington, R.

In addition to the school dis- trict trustees, voters- will also ballot on a county trustee for Precinct No. However, only one name, "that of Willard Rich- ardson, appears on this ballot. To indicate the interest being shown, by mid-afternoon Tues- day eight absentee ballots had been cast. It is an unusual e- vent for any absentee ballots to be cast in a trustee election, of- ficials point out.

Services for Geo. Lloyd Hamil- tqn, pastor, officiating. Griffin, Alvin Looking for woman late 30s Crosbyton 40s, H. Smallwood E. Dickerson W. McCullough - James B. McClure C. The programs will bcfgin- on Friday, April 13, opening date for the station.

They will be broadcast at each week day Monday through Friday, and be- tween 8 and 9 a. Brawn invites the public to tune in on these broadcasts. Brown, minister, said Tuesday. Good crowds were in attendance at each 'servicer and there were 33 responses. Mathews, of San Angelo, who conducted the services, will return to Crosbyton next March for a similar meeting, Mr.

Brown said. All members are invited to be present. The auditor's report will be given, and four directors are to be elected. Lloyd Hamilton, pastor, an- nounced this week. The partitioned space will al- low either two or three addition- al rooms, he said. About « third of the basement is being utilized for classroom space, still. The body arrived in Lub- bock at p. Wednesday, and was" taKen In charge by King Funeral home.

Littlefield moved with hiis family to Crosbyton while he was only two weeks old. Springdale, Ark. Neoma George, both of Altus, Okla. Dennie Lit- tlefield accompanied, the body from Los Angeles to Crosbyton. Pallbearers willjje Weldon Dendy, W. Leatherwood, J. Carter, Charles Freeman, J. Smith, jr. He expects to take e new atomic bomb Ninety-three members of the Crosbyton Chamber of Commerce received questionaires this week sent out by Keltz Garrison, pres- ident? Work said Tues- day.

Looking for woman late 30s Crosbyton 40s

This is the only way the directors can Know what the members want, as their major projects for the yeat, he pointed out. Three questions are asked: byton Chamber of Commerce should do that would be helpful to you in your business? Will you be willing to give some of your time and invest soraejpf your monpy to support the prdgram of the Crosbyton Chamber of Commerce?

Looking for woman late 30s Crosbyton 40s

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