Lonely women Belize

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Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the. Please feel free to browse existing topics for answers to your travel questions. More information can be found by viewing the following announcement. Details here. I have in the past been an independent lone female traveller. I really enjoy the concept but now that I am a little older 32I am not totally wanting to do it on my own.

To this end, I am organising myself on a tour that takes in Guatemala, Mexico and Belize. However, I am wanting to jump ship in Belize and stay on for another week as I am really wanting to be somewhere with a more West Indian vibe.

People have been telling me not to do it as Belize is not a safe place for a female traveller on her own or even in a small group. What do people think about the safety in Belize? I know there have been other postings about Lonely women Belize and from what I can gather I probably wouldn't hang around in Belize City.

Lonely women Belize

As to the crime and safety issue, keep in mind that each year overinternational tourists visit Belize. If you add cruise ship tourists who make brief visits, then the is four times that amount. I don't know if anyone has accurate records on visitors who are victims of crime, but the total is very small, even including petty theft, having a camera stolen, etc. Perhaps a few score, and of these incidents only a handful might involve violence or the threat of violence.

My experience in traveling in Belize for 19 years in many cases with my wife and children is that the vast majority of visitors feel quite safe. I see many single women traveling in Belize. I have never gotten the impression that they were afraid or concerned for their safety.

Having said all that, certainly there are incidents from time to time. For example, there was a hold up at the Rio Frio caves in Lonely women Belize Mountain Pine Ridge last week -- a group of four tourists and a guide were held up by a Lonely women Belize of five Guatemalans. The tourists lost cameras, money, watches, etc. Until last week, there hadn't been any incidents in the Pine Ridge sincewhen the Belize Defence Force began patrolling the area intensively and escorting tour groups to Caracol. Certainly, Belize City has a serious crime problem. Most visitors avoid Belize City if they can, at least beyond a stopover en route to somewhere else.

Bottom line: Belize is relatively safe, and probably Your chances of being in a traffic accident, however, are far higher. I guess you're aware of the huge of murders and other serious crimes that take place in Guatemala and Mexico every year? Guatemala City alone sees over 5, murders a year, many of which are of women. By contrast there were perhaps 55 homicides in Belize City last year.

Mexico had over 5, murders related to drug trafficking alone last year.

Lonely women Belize

The police chief of Cancun and 36 of his officers were just taken into custody in connection with drug trafficking and the murder of an ex-army general sent to investigate drug crime. Frankly, I'd be at least as concerned, if not more so, about crime in Guatemala and Mexico as in Belize. Hi, I found Belize to be a rather laid back quiet place. I stayed at one of the cayes and San Ignacio.

Lonely women Belize

Women were about as singles and groups just about everywhere! And you could easily a group to do things like snorkle or walks. I am not Lonely women Belize female traveller, but have been to Belize many time in the past. I do not see a problem going to Belize as a solo female traveller, as long as the common sense rules are followed as they should be in any country.

Belize City has nothing to offer so avoid spending to much time there any how. Head for the Cayes and youll love yourself for it. I am a young single female, and I've lived and traveled throughout Belize. I've always been safe, and never had any troubles at all, including spending quite a bit of time in Belize City.

I have never, ever, had any kind of problem. I did have a hotel owner try to molest me in Belize City I settled for having the hotel shut down The point is, as long as you keep your wits about you, you will be fine. Don't walk after Lonely women Belize alone in Belize City. You will probably have a lot of guys hitting on you and making comments throughout the country, but they mostly mean no harm, and you can just ignore them or tell them you are not interested. For the record, I never have used a money belt in the country although I'm sure it wouldn't hurt.

I mostly just wear shorts and tanktops, or sundresses. Belizeans are typically very friendly and willing to help I've rarely taken a bus ride without meeting a friendly stranger, and they've never caused me any harm, and I've made lots of great friends and had lots of fun experiences as a result. No matter where you go, you will meet people, both tourists and locals. Just trust your instincts, focus on having fun, and, when in doubt, just try to look like you know what you're doing I traveled with a partner in Belize, but he was sick almost the whole time so I wandered alone through most of the country while he laid in bed.

Lonely women Belize

I was 22 at the time female and I never felt threatened. I had people who were walking by or riding bikes just stop to talk to me. I'm from Lonely women Belize US and cynical, so I kept waiting to be hit up for a cigarette or some change or something, but they all were content to just chat with me and move on. I'm heading to Ambergris Caye tomorrow by myself. Second solo trip there.

I've always felt safe, but I don't stay out late, and I don't walk the beach at night. Staying on the beaten path, especially at night, and not getting dead drunk helps a lot too. I'm heading Lonely women Belize to CA for my 8th visit this summer, splitting weeks between Guatemala and Belize. Sometimes I travel alone, sometimes with one of my grown kids or my husband, sometimes with a group in tow.

I don't feel overly paranoid but have never had a problem and would like to keep it that way. I am a woman who has been to Belize twice, both times traveling solo. I snorkeled numerous times, took a jungle boat trip in land to Lamanai, flew over to Flores, Guatemala to see Tikal and rented a bike and meandered my way all around Ambergis Caye and never ever felt anything close to ominous. There are many, many reputable tour guides on the beach in San Pedro and they will help you set up any kind of sight-seeing or adventure tour you might have in mind.

Go and have a blast!! I traveled around Belize by myself last year at the age of 32 and never felt unsafe. I was rarely alone, as the locals and other travelers are very friendly for the most part. Use common sense and take the usual precautions and you should not have any problems. Just do it, you'll have a great time. This topic has been locked by a moderator. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission.

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Lonely women Belize

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Lonely women Belize

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Lonely women Belize

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