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This suuuuuuuuuuux! I hate the dating scene I have a porno sense of humor, crude at times,im just a darling Knowing someone loves and cares about u more than themselves, knowing someone will be there for you when youre sick, when u need a hug or even when youre acting like an asshole Ive dated only a few times in the past 3 years When did liking someone become so scary and wrong to say?

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As they age they change from smartasses into the obvious ignorant. I think they get self gratifaction from reading their ignorant posts. Too bad they do not theirselves as others them. I'm mid's. He's 70 and we go out socially occasionally. Here's the problem: from what he's said and I've seen, he has a problem with alcohol drinks alone, is ashamed of it. He'd been off it for months and seemed much sharper than before, his personal hygiene had come up to perfectly good levels, and was basiy the same nice guy but better company.

Last week he told me, without being asked, that he'd had "a couple of beers" though he didn't seem drunk or even tipsy. I didn't like that much but tried not to judge. Today when he showed up, he either had not showered or had put on a dirty shirt noticeable. He also was back to being either forgetful or argumentative, I'm not sure which. Example: He's going to do some light carpentry and we've talked twice about the fact the new work be painted, not stained, and yet he keeps revisiting "you could stain it but then it might not match" circular convo.

I've said from the start that I'm painting ALL the woodwork and all the walls. He wasn't disagreeing, just seemed to enjoy talking in circles over and over. Similarly, we measured and counted the pieces of chair rail needed to do the work. I wrote it down and we took it to the store.

Upon selecting the quantity needed, he said he thought we needed more. I said no, I wrote it down and we need 3 also not the first time we've talked this aspect through. He Ladies seeking real sex Houston to stand in the aisle and repeat that he thought we needed more.

I got kinda sharp and said he was arguing with me, and he denied that and backed off. Between that and the nasty odor, I was ready to bite his head off. It's not just the handyman work; we saw a of his while out today, he told me he used to work with him. Saw him again on the way back, and he told me he used to work with him. I don't know whether he just "won't take no for an answer" there's a nasty streak of stubbornness I'm a woman, and women are to submit to men in his generation and culturebut today the work incident made me wonder if he's possibly getting senile, or it's the alcohol again.

Ladies seeking real sex Houston

His married live next door to him, not sure how close they are but all seems OK. Should I say anything to the? Any insight or advice you can offer? Thanks much. I kissing, and a who's a good kisser can practiy get me off while fully dressed just through passionate lip-lock. And a who's a good kisser is usually a good. Well, let's just say I've made a study of this One of those easy decisions to make when changing jobs as there is zero relocation.

The company they were working for is a great company but where they went is a good as it ever gets. Since they are such a large customer, we have been doing some of their simple work for them until they find people. Updating prints from paper yes paper drawings to UG so we can source the product for them, etc. Few print revision but basic stuff.

Last week they had a crisis in assembly and testing. Since we are a newer supplier for one of the parts, we got thrown under the bus. It is my policy to never let those issues linger, so we jumped on it right way. I went with my intern let him get dirty and it's great experience and we looked at our parts.

Ladies seeking real sex Houston

Convinced it wasn't us, we went through every part for 3 hrs. Our's, theirs, other vendors, prints, you name it. I've done this a lot so, we zeroed in on the problem early, then worked to proved it. A little help from their tool room to modify some parts and some new assemblies we gave them the problem, solution and my intern modified the prints for them. All done their lead engineer took me aside and asked me if I wanted to work for them.

He had openings I think he assumed I would be interested. He also admitted they had this issue on and off for years and never found it. I had to politely tell him no I wasn't interested. Then he told me he could pull some strings and get me more money then their listing.

I then had to explain they could double their starting wage and still wouldn't get to my money. He was in shock.

Ladies seeking real sex Houston

I told him that you get what you pay for, your offing new engineer wages so that's what you get. If you want and engineer with 15 years experience and a masters, with plant management and overseas purchasing experience you have to get out your checkbook. You know that shot dentists give at the back of your jaw to numb the side of your face?

That one. Definitely not remotely as bad as getting waxed Or ramming your bare toe into the bed post Or slamming your fingers in a drawer Or burning your fingers on the blasted oven rack when checking cookies. You want to think more about if the worry about the pain isn't a distraction from another more real issue with intimacy or something.

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Ladies seeking real sex Houston Ladies seeking real sex Houston

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