Bi couples louisville

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Bi couples louisville

Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? You cannot see into the other stall and the urinal is cut off from the stalls. If there ever was sex in here it was many many years ago. Like ten. Besides, most of the dudes in K Tiled walls lets you see the guy next to you in the stall.

Bi couples louisville

I have had plenty of hot military and young guys here. Turn left at the light onto Ring Road East. Drive about a mile to the next light, which is Pear Orchard Road. Turn right and go about a half-mile and it is on the right side. There is a very small and small parking lot. Most Recent Reviews Posted May 19 The park is now being cruised by cops constantly trying to stop all activites.

This place is a great place to meet and take it somewhere else, or give it up in the backseat. It now seems to be the same ol' same ol' every day. If you're lucky and patient, something worth it will come along. You just have to know the s to look for.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 25 Went here a couple of days ago and, despite my initial trepidation on entering, it turned out that I had a good Bi couples louisville. The vibe here is a bit rough but I got over myself, kept an open mind, and was dul I was working his cock really good when he took my head in both his hands and skull fu I went into a booth and figured there would be gloryholes but there wasn't, so I moved until I found one. I sta There were about 8 or 10 guys wandering around between the booths and theatre.

Mostly older guys 45 to There was one skinny yo No one in the theatre but a crew-cut guy hanging around the passageway to the booths. Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. I checked this place out today. There are four booths, no action and some crazy attendant who sounds like Forrest Gump. Absolutely a waste of time. Over forty booths though I didn't see any gloryholes.

Lots of cruising with your pick of what you want. I was there recently and sucked off five guys and got sucked off twic I held on to a piece of metal sticking up while he pounded my little white butt. Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. US Hwy. Take a right south to the park. Alternative route, Frankfort Ave. US Hwy 60 to Coral Ave. They say it has changed in the last few years, since two bi couples bought it, but I had a great time and gave 3 blowjobs.

You have to be discreet about Make a left on Alpha Avenue and then Bonnie Lane. Follow Bonnie Lane till it dead ends in the park. Stay away from the houses and head towards the trees behind the tennis court. Turn left at the first light go eastand the first park entrance is on the right. I was there on a Tuesday night, and it was a full-on orgy in the woods by the golf course.

I was pivot boy for 11 cocks, no joke. Some of the Two guys, one younger and one older were walking around the paths. Something didn't seem right, even though they both said hi, and the older one smiled broadly Posted Aug 11 Cops patrolling. Posted Sep 20 Best crusing spot is the parking lot off Grinstead Dr.

It's newly paved. Guys walk into the woods. Sometime they meet and go together out of the park. Be careful if you do anyth Gloryholes all covered, video images blurred. Nothing happening and the Bi couples louisville at the desk acted like he was not even there. Total waste. Even in February! I stopped by and checked it out and found this really hot guy totally naked jacking off.

He was just waiting to give head. It's is clean and discrete. Early mornings seem to be nice. Undercover cops were there today in a black Mustang, silver Dodge wagon, and a gold Corolla. I watched two guys get ticketed after walking out of woods with officers in plainclothes. Posted Oct 2 Local TV news was showing this park and the others along the river road. Undercover police arresting anyone they can, supposedly for Bi couples louisville exposure.

But pretty much any man in a car alone is subjec Posted Nov 14 Pretty steady traffic through the week, including before 7 am.

Bi couples louisville

Usually patrolled two or three times by local police between 7 am and 4 Bi couples louisville. Quite a few hot guys. Posted Nov 13 I think the anchorman who was reporting on illegal sex in public places seemed awfully cruisy. During the reports he kept pawing at his crotch. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 31 I sucked a beautiful cock here several months ago, but haven't seen any action since.

There wasn't any action but a lot of guys checking out the men's room. Could be a good place. The restrooms are at the back of the store and no I was in there today around pm and got an awesome blowjob. Just my lucky day because he was there. Never seen anything there before but it's worth checking out ag Afternoons are good; not sure about evenings. Plainclothes cops are monitoring the restroom. Posted Nov 3 They just added a camera as you enter the hallway to the bathroom.

I have found several cocks. There was a lot of other traffic though. From Shelbyville Rd. There's a small hole in the outside wall, so you can watch who pulls up. One of my favorite places to masturbate. This park is still fairly busy for this time of year. After a brief jack session I got a great blowjob.

I'll be going back for more! I got some good head here this week. There is a lot of action in the sauna.

Bi couples louisville

Look for the towel outside the sauna for action. If it is a color towel then they are definitely gay. I bet half the guys in there are looking for cock. Unfortunately someone can walk in on you at any time so it's hard to get anything serious going The best time is around 2 pm when the place is least busy. I've had a couple of married guys back in the steamroom that both gave and received. At other times the

Bi couples louisville

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